The Most Amazing Way to Save Money in 2016

saving money

So many of us want to save money, but we are not that good at it. That’s why we struggle so much in that area of our lives. However, we’ve recently learned of something that is designed to save for you, without any actual effort on your behalf. It might not seem all that possible, but we can assure you that it is entirely possible. We’re going to tell you how you can save money even when you live on a tight budget and have absolutely no idea, no clue how to save money. Don’t let us scare you though; it really does not require much work at all on your end.

It’s called Digit. It’s a tool. It does some mathematical magic to see what you can save based on what you earn and how you live and what you spend. It then does some more mathematical magic that is too complicated for us to bother learning, and it automatically saves for you. It’s the most amazing tool, too. Basically, you go here  and you sign up for the account. Then it will do its magic and figure out things that you can save and when you cannot.

What is different about this account is that you don’t have to save the same amount every week or month or whatever. You don’t have to do anything. When the account decides that you can afford to do a little saving, it takes it upon itself to transfer a few dollars from your checking account to your savings account. Sometimes it’s as little as $5 and sometimes it’s a lot more. It all depends on what the account believes you can afford to take out of your account based on your spending habits and your financial situation at the moment. It’s kind of the most awesome thing around, and we are quite impressed with how well it works out for those who try it.

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