The Craziest Ways People Save Money

Saving Money

Who does not love saving money? Even if you don’t live on a tight budget, saving money is still exciting. I once saved more than $4,000 on granite when the company we worked with made a mistake sending me quotes on the three pieces of granite we chose. They marked the C level granite I liked the most as an A level, and that made it exceptionally inexpensive. I chose it, and then they called me to tell me that they’d made a mistake and would still honor their mistake for us. It was huge savings, and I felt pretty much amazing.

My savings was accidental. However, some people go really far out of their own way to ensure that they are able to save money as often as possible. Are you willing to go this far to save a few dollars? I’ll tell you what people do more than you might imagine.

Create 365 Accounts

Did you know you get free beverages on your birthday at many locations, such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts? People will actually create 365 accounts with a different birthday on each one so that they can use a new one every single day for a free cup of coffee. I think it sounds like a lot of work and effort for a few dollars.

Skipping Epidural During Delivery

Many women are taking it upon themselves to save money in a way that I think is a bit crazy. Having given birth to four kids of our own, I have to say that I had the epidural every single time. However, it’s expensive. Many women will save money on their childbirth by not getting it. No thank you; I’d rather give up an arm to have an epidural.

Lying to Save

If the other two on this list seem a bit extravagant and like too much work, this one is just awful. I’d do either of the other two first. Did you know that many people actually call places, write letters and complain about everything they go, everywhere they go and more just so they can get free stuff? I’ve had plenty of instances in which we’ve had a travel experience that’s horrible, or a restaurant experience that was awful, and I’ve never asked for free items or stays. Some people will make things up so that they get their stay free of charge, or so that they can have free meals. It’s really kind of disgusting.

Do you do anything insane to save money? Tell us in the comments section below.

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