The Best Employee Discounts At The Most Popular Stores


Apple Store

Employee discounts are real, and sometimes they are really good. While most of us have careers and jobs that require the bulk of our time, there are plenty of parents who want a part-time job to bring in a bit of extra cash, or even students who want to work somewhere to earn a little money in between classes. While any job might seem welcome, it seems to us that the best way to make use of your time working somewhere in retail entails also finding the best place to save money. That’s where employee discounts come in; why not work somewhere in which you get a good one so that you save more money at all times? Here are our top picks for the best employee discounts around.

J. Crew

I love J. Crew for myself and for my family, and their discount is a good one for employees. If you work for the company, you get a 50% discount on up to five items every single month. There is one catch though; you can only get that discount on items you can and will wear to work – so outerwear is not included. However, you also get a 30% discount on everything else. if the company puts an item you love on their list of overstock or slow-selling stock, too, you get a 60% discount on those items.


By this point in your technological life, you know that you don’t just get discounts with Apple. In fact, you know that you don’t get discounts with Apple, ever. So why not become an employee and actually get a 25% discount on most of their products?

Brooks Brothers

Who doesn’t love Brooks Brothers? I’ll tell you who loves them; my husband. He’s a banker, so he definitely does not work for Brooks Brothers. However, if he did, he’d get a 60% discount on all his purchases. Talk about a substantial savings and big-time benefit.

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