Ten Ways To Lower Your Bills In Ten Minutes


No one enjoys paying bills, but for many people life seems to revolve around working to, well, live with some degree of comfort. Unfortunately, most of the people in this category do not realize that they could spend less on expenses and, consequently, save some more and get to enjoy more of life’s pleasures. All it takes is some simple math and scrutiny of how much you spend and for what. Every dime counts when it comes to saving, but there are ten particular expenses that will give you a great margin. Here is a look at ten expenses that you can lower in the next ten minutes.

Food expenses

Your body runs on food, and it is not an item that you can eliminate from your budget. However, food comes in different qualities and varying prices, and, unlike most other qualities, cheaper seems to be healthier. This is because processed food is costly thanks to the production process, but natural food at the grocery store is not only natural and of superior quality, but also cheaper. As such, consider shopping for food from your local grocery store and you will not only save some money but also have a healthier life style.

Cellphone expenses

Regardless of how much you use you cellphone, there is always an opportunity to save some money thanks to the fierce competition in the industry. If you are a heavy user, then contrast and compare prepaid plans from different carriers. However, if you hardly use your cellphone, then consider getting rid of the prepaid plan for a post-paid one that will eliminate any sort of wastage. Data, in particular, contributes significantly to the cost of using your cellphone. As such, always take advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to the internet; this is easy since there are lots of hotspots all over the country.

Transportation expenses.

Getting around comes at a cost especially if you use personal transportation; simply getting to and from work may prove expensive over time. In fact, transportation is so costly that many organizations have advocated for carpooling and other cheaper and environmental-friendly means of transportation such as cycling. You can save several dollars this very day just by carpooling with one of your co-workers, family members, or friend. What’s more, you will also be contributing to a greener future.

Pet expenses

Pets deserve all the love they can get. That said, it is easy to go over the top in the expenditures you incur taking care of your pet, especially if it is irresistibly adorable. For instance, doggie day care services, dog spas, and even some accessories are not necessary past a certain point. Most of these luxuries should be offered only occasionally. Other expenses such as grilling are not necessary as keeping your pet clean and neat is not only easy and quick but also fun. After all, all your dog needs is a walk and some play in the park to not only be happy but also stay healthy.

Cleaning expenses

Your work-life may seem too demanding for you to do your chores. However, chores are neither time consuming nor difficult, at least in small portions. It is when chores pile up that they seem imposing, and most people opt to spend rather than get down to work. To avoid this predicament, make sure that you do your chores as soon as they arise. For instances, clean the dishes before going to sleep and do the laundry several times a week, or even once over the weekend.

Gym expenses

An active lifestyle leads to a longer and healthier life, and it would seem absurd to ditch exercising to save a few dollars. However, there are many ways to exercise, and some will not cost you a dime. It is true that the gym offer a host of equipment for you to exercise with, but they are not always necessary. Scientific research has proven that running exercises almost every muscle in the body, and it does not cost a thing. In fact, it is much more fun that exercising at the gym as you get to explore your surroundings when running. As such, consider reducing your gym sessions to about once every week and run more often.

Entertainment expenses

You are probably thinking, “I cannot possibly ditch my TV,” right? Well, you do not have to, but you can pay much less to stay entertained. Just like the telecommunications industry, the entertainment industry is highly competitive and there are a host of platforms from which you can watch all your favorite shows. Most of these platforms are paid, but some are free or incredibly cheap. For instance, platforms such as Roku are considerably cheaper than Amazon. However, if you value your quality, then you can take advantage of paid platforms’ allowances such as Amazon and Netflix to pay less. For instance, Amazon allow for multiple users under a single platform, so you can split the cost with friends and family members.

Shopping expenses

Shopping takes up a substantial chunk of your budget, and many items on the list simply cannot be eliminated. However, you can still save some money through several means. For starters, you can pay for a fraction of your shopping using coupons as they are easily and widely available on the internet. Additionally, you can also shop at cheaper stores that believe in affordability.

Payment expenses

Nowadays, even paying for goods and services comes at a price. It may seem absurd, but it is true if you often use your credit card to pay for everything you buy. At the end of the month, you not only have to pay for the interest accumulated but also for the service fees. As such, consider using cash to pay whenever possible. After all, spending actual cash gets you thinking and deters you from overspending.

Landline expenses

Save for offices and business settings, landlines seem almost obsolete everywhere else, especially at home. However, many people still keep them around, and they pay for them in spite of hardly using them. If this is the case for you, then do not hesitate to cancel your plan and focus on your cellphone. What’s more, it does not matter whether you run a professional practice from home as there are many other affordable options such as router-based landlines that allow you to make and receive international calls.


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