Strategies to Save Money in the Next Hour


The problem with saving money is that everyone wants to do it, but few people actually know how. Your first mistake is thinking that you can’t start now; you might think you can’t save until you lower your monthly expenses or until you are paid next, but you can start right now. In fact, you can start saving money right this second and continue to do so during the course of the next hour – and you will feel great for doing it.

Sign Up for Rewards Programs

It might seem silly and not really worth the time, but every program you sign up for is going to save you money. You can sign up for hotel rewards and earn free coffee delivery, free parking, and free nights. You can sign up for your supermarket’s reward program and earn points to save on gas or groceries each time you shop. These programs are instant savers, and great for your wallet.

Call Your Credit Card Company

So you carry a balance. While this is not ideal – you should pay your card balances in full each month – you can work with it. You can save money right now by calling your credit card company and asking them to lower your rate. You might be surprised.

Drink Water

It’s healthier, and it’s also less expensive. If you stop buying other drinks such as juice and soda and tea, you’ll save money right now and you will get just a little bit healthier in the process. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal or a significant saver, but it is.

Turn Off the Lights

You’d be surprised just how much that light you leave on in the kitchen all day long costs you. It’s a lot. Each month you are spending countless dollars leaving on lights in your house when you could be saving money by turning them off. Is it the middle of the day? Open the blinds and turn off the lights. You’ll save starting right now on your utility bills.

Hide Your Credit Cards

Stick them in a block of ice in the freezer, put them in your safe deposit box at the bank; put them anywhere you haven’t the access to them. If you have the numbers and digits memorized, call your card company and ask for a replacement card and stick it somewhere you can’t access it with ease before you even look at the number. It’s a great way to make you really think long and hard about what you’re buying so that you’re not wasting money when you leave the house.

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