Stores That Offer Free Shipping No Matter How Little You Spend

stores that always ship free

Free shipping gets me every single time; I’ll spend the additional money to meet guidelines for free shipping every single time because it’s a deal, people. Except that sometimes free shipping is not a deal. I’m an educated, intelligent woman. I know that when I’m ordering 4 pair of my daughter’s favorite black leggings from Old Navy’s website and my grand total is $24 after tax that spending another $26 to bring my total to $50 so I can have the free shipping is not a wise financial move. Shipping is only $7. I could pay $31, or I could pay $50. Every single time, I choose the $50 (I already told you, it’s a deal!).

Some online shops want you to spend a certain amount of money before they will give you free shipping, but others do not. That’s why I try hard to always do my shopping online where my shipping is free whether I spend $10 or $1,000; and I thought I’d share my favorite sites for all the time free shipping with you.


Always free shipping, no matter how much you spend; and that’s just one of the many reasons I adore this department store.

Barneys New York

I can order all the shoes I want from Barneys and never pay for shipping. There is no basic spending limit for free shipping here.

Bergdorf Goodman

Another of my favorite department stores offers free shipping on any order no matter how much you spend.


If you love computers and accessories, you’ll love that you can spend as little or as much as you want here and never pay for shipping.

Kate Spade

If I need a new candle or a new set of pens for my desk, I get free shipping every single time. Whether it’s new dinnerware, a new clutch or a new winter coat, it’s free shipping every single time.

Neiman Marcus

Love high-end designer apparel and accessories? Then you will love that everything you order here ships free no matter what you spend.

L.L. Bean

The outdoor enthusiasts of the world are obsessed with the fact that everything you can possibly ever dream of ordering from here is free with every single order.

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