Simple Ways to Save A Little Money During Spring

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Spring is here, and it’s beautiful. I say that now that the weather has finally cooled off a bit here in Florida and the high today is only 81 instead of 95 (it’s spring for a week!). It’s the time of year in which most people are comfortable with the weather; cool evenings and mornings and beautiful days. It’s also the time of year when most of us take to doing a bit of spring cleaning. For me, I love the idea of finding a new way to save during the spring. Can I save money by getting rid of clutter and turning off the AC? Sure, if we had weather cool enough to allow us to turn it off. Sometimes it’s the most off-the wall things that save the most money, and we thought we’d share those with you for some spring savings.

Clean out the fridge

After doing a bit of research (okay, reading an article online), I realized that our fridge takes up as much as 14% of our energy every month. Now, we have two of those. We have the one in the kitchen we use for everyday needs and we have the one in the laundry room we use for beer. Seriously, it sounds bad, but we do. If we clean them out and have less to cool, we could save significantly.

Get outside to cook

It’s such a gorgeous time of year that you want to be outside, so cook outside. It saves a ton of energy if you are not in the kitchen. For one, it heats up the whole house using the oven and stove and makes it more likely that you will crank down that air conditioner. If you really want to save money, cook outside. The grill is the perfect place to do your hot cooking.

Open the windows the right way

We know that opening the windows and turning off the air conditioner is a great way to save, but you’re not doing it right. If you wait until the house is too warm to be comfortable, you’re too late. You have to open up the windows first thing in the morning when the house is still comfortable. The cool air will cool off the house even more, making it impossible for the house to heat up as quickly the rest of the day. It’s a genius concept, and we appreciate it.

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