Four Simple Ways To Redecorate Your Home Without Spending A Dime


Rest assured that I am in no way a professional decorator or designer. In fact, I’m not even sure I have a natural eye for things of that nature. My home is, in my opinion, impeccably decorated; but only because I find décor I love on Pinterest and Instagram and literally order every single item in the photo and then set it up in the same manner in my own home. It appears I lack imagination in every which way. What I’ve noticed with my “hand me a gorgeous photo and let me copy it verbatim,” habit, though, is that it’s expensive. I mean, really expensive. Décor is not cheap, and even when you find it cheap, it’s still not cheap.

I really love Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, but I also love to find bargain décor at Home Goods, Marshallas, TJ Maxx, Target and even Amazon. That still means spending money to decorate my home, though, and that’s not always an option for others who want to turn their space into something far more beautiful. Since our homes are our sanctuary and our happy place, I firmly believe they should reflect our sense of style, a sense of calm and we should always feel happy looking around any room in our homes. We shouldn’t, however, feel that we have a gorgeous space at the expense of our personal finances.

After doing some digging, reading a ton of personal decorating blogs and articles, and even asking a few questions of my stylish friends, I’ve learned that none of us has to spend money to make our home look more stylish and more amazing. In fact, we can all make our homes look more amazing in an instant for very little; if anything at all. Here I have accumulated a number of simple décor tricks to help you transform the overall look of your own home without much effort, without much money and without any stress – and everything is either free or below $50.

Rearrange your furniture – Free

Growing up, my mother rearranged our furniture at home all the time; at least every few months. She was a big believer that it would turn the house into a more exciting space, and she was right. She’d get rid of some furniture for a while, add it back after a while, rearrange things and really open up spaces by making them seem larger and more appealing. Sometimes all it takes to make your home more stylish and more appealing is to rearrange your furniture.

Some great tips include pulling your furniture from the walls and arranging it off the walls to create more depth and elegance. Put your area rug in the center of the room and arrange your couches and chairs around it. Take one of your serving trays from the kitchen and place it on your coffee table with a few candles or some flowers, and really enjoy the change in your look.

Edit your space – Free

You wouldn’t dare send an email to your boss without first editing it and ensuring that it’s perfect, so why allow your home to go un-edited? One of my favorite ways to change the look of my home and make it more stylish is to go through and edit each room from time to time. It might mean taking a piece of art from one room and relocating it to another after deciding it might work better elsewhere. It might mean moving items from shelves, getting rid of clutter and just doing a complete overhaul at times. It’s a great concept, it’s very simple, and it’s not something that costs you anything but a little bit of your time.

Add Flowers – Less than $50

I cannot live without fresh flowers in my home. When my husband and I, and our kids, returned from a week in North Carolina visiting my father-in-law while he underwent a triple bypass, the first thing I noticed when we returned home yesterday afternoon was that our house seemed so boring and dull without my fresh flowers (they’d all died while we were gone and my dad was so kind as to come into the house every few days and turn off lights, turn on other lights and always make sure the alarms and cameras were working properly, and he threw away our dead flowers, too).

As soon as we were unpacked and settled, I had to go to the supermarket to pick up school lunches and groceries for our family, and I grabbed a few bouquets of flowers. I spent $30 on two dozen roses at Publix (I love the florist, but little flower stands and the super market are far less expensive) and $6.99 on a bouquet of tulips. I now have colorful roses in a vase on my kitchen island, white roses in a vase on our entryway console table, colorful roses in a vase on the fire place, colorful roses on one of our master bedroom nightstands and tulips in my office.

I arranged 6 roses in a mason jar on the island. There are 9 roses in a blue bowl-type vase on the console table, 6 roses on the fireplace, and 3 roses in a small stemless wine glass on my nightstand. You can buy flowers for next to nothing, cut them short and without their bulk and put them in vases, glasses, jars and whatever else you have lying around and make your house look fresh, vibrant and bright for very little.

Make minor adjustments – Free (less than $50 if you need to buy supplies)

Do you have curtains on your windows? Make your rooms look larger by taking the rods and moving them to the ceiling. If your curtains are not long enough for this, perhaps you could buy some new ones and replace the old ones. The higher your rods, the bigger the room looks. It’s a simple tip and trick that makes your home look far larger.

Another simple and very minor adjustment is to add mirrors to the walls in your rooms. Even small decorative mirrors work well as they are perfect for allowing natural light to reflect and make your rooms look lighter, brighter and bigger.

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