A Few Simple and Easy Verizon Discounts that Will Save You Money


Verizon discounts are available to people everywhere. They are available to people who have accounts with Verizon and they are available to those who have done business with them in the past. You just have to know how to get these discounts. We understand that phone plans are expensive. Trust me – I have a Verizon plan that I’ve had for more than 13 years now and I’m paying more than $300 per month for that phone (I do have four lines, though, if that counts). It’s always something that’s a point of contention with me, but we have people in our family on our plan and so we pay more than most. The good news, however, is that there is always a way to get a discount and we have used just about each one over the life of our plan and I’m going to share some of those with you.

Business Lines

One thing that helps us each month is a 19% discount we get for linking our personal phone plan with our business phone plan, and the savings are big. If you can do this, too, we’d highly recommend that you call your Verizon rep and ask for that discount.

Switch Upgrades

My mother-in-law is on my account and she never wants a new phone. So I usually just switch my upgrade with hers since she always has one available so that I can get a new phone sooner rather than later. I’d rather pay $299 for a new iPhone than $749, you know?

Wait for Upgrades

If you have an upgrade coming in the next few weeks or months, just wait for it. You don’t want to upgrade and pay full price just in time to get a new phone that you could have gotten free of charge or close to it if you’d just waited.

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