Saving Money at the Grocery Store


Saving money at the grocery store is something we could all learn to do. It’s difficult though, isn’t it? You shop hungry and come home with a bunch of stuff you really don’t need. You shop all at once and you come home without half the stuff you do need. You leave without a list and you have no idea what you need and therefore buy a bunch of stuff and spend a bunch of money and have nothing in your house to eat or cook with when you come home (can someone please tell me where that $200 goes each time?!). If you really want to save money at the grocery store – and you do – follow this good advice.

Plan 4 Trips a Month

No more and no less; you need to plan two major shopping trips each month. During these two shopping trips, you will buy all the big items you need to prepare lunches, dinner and snacks for the next two weeks. This means you’ll buy meat and non-perishables and perishables. You will need to plan two smaller shopping trips each month also. These will happen on opposite weeks of your big trips and they will encompass only purchasing perishables, such as fruit and veggies and milk and items of the like that you need in between big trips. Take a list and make a meal plan for the entire month to avoid missing anything.

Take Cash

If you take your credit or debit card shopping with you, you will spend too much. Leave them at home and take cash. Budget your trip accordingly and take the cash you’ll need to pay for it. This helps you stop putting unwanted and un-needed items into your cart for no reason but the fact that you can. Now you can’t, because you can’t pay for them.

Stock Up

If you know you use certain things often, buy them in bulk when they’re on sale. Toilet paper is buy one get one free? Buy as many as they’ll allow. We all know that this is not an item you will later decide you  no longer care for (and if it is, ew). Buy your meat and pastas and other long-lasting items the same way. When they’re on sale, do your stocking up.

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