How To Save Money on an Engagement Ring

save money diamond engagement ring

If you are about to ask the love of your life to become your wife (or husband, however you roll), why not let us help you save a bit of money on that very expensive piece of jewelry you’re about to buy?

Think Carats

You’re not shopping for a rabbit, but a woman cares more about carats than this animal. If you want to buy a big ring and still save a bit, pick a carat weight that is just under a certain weight. For example, one that is just shy of 3 carats will be a lot less expensive, and it will be very difficult to tell it’s not quite 3 carats. Savings winner right here, people.

Don’t Buy Brand Name

Sure, women would love to have a Tiffany & Co blue box to open with that engagement ring in it, or a Cartier or something of that nature, but it’s far more expensive. You can get the same type of diamond, type of material and quality at a lesser-known diamond store for far less if you can overlook the name on the box.

Shape Does Matter

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, go with a shape that’s not traditional, say a drop shaped pink diamond engagement ring. As long as she doesn’t want to have a round diamond, you’ll be able to pick a new shape and save a bit. Since round is the traditional shape, it’s far more expensive than a princess or a square-cut diamond.

Shop Online

There are so many custom diamond jewelry online with far better prices than in-store diamonds. Consider prices that are lower by shopping online and seeing what kind of deals you can get at major jewelry chains and online retailers.

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