Questions to Ask Your Doctor That Might Just Save You Money

talking to your doctor

A trip to the doctor is something we all have on a regular basis. There are certain doctors we see every year, others we see more often and those we might not see nearly as often. Doctors aren’t much fun, unless you’re pregnant and looking forward to seeing your new baby for the first time. However, it’s necessary to go. Even with insurance, a trip to the doctor can be quite pricey and it’s often the deterrent that causes many of us to question whether or not we should go in the first place. The next time you see the doctor, be sure to ask a few questions that might just save you a bit of money.

Are you in my network?

Before you commit to seeing any doctors, be sure they are in your network. A doctor not in your network is going to cost you far more and isn’t covered by insurance. That’s not going to help any costs, which is why getting a confirmation of being an in-network provider is so imperative.

Do I really need this test?

Sometimes doctors offer their patients a chance to have tests that they might not ordinarily have. Allow me to tell you that there are a number of tests that doctors offer that are not mandatory or even required. They are suggested or offered for specific reasons, but you are under no obligation to have these tests performed. By talking to your doctor about this, you can avoid paying hefty fees for tests you do not actually need.

Is there a less expensive prescription?

It might better to speak to your pharmacist about this, but your doctor might have a few suggestions of his own. There are times in your life you might need medication for something. Be sure to ask if there is an alternative medication you can take that’s more affordable; especially if you aren’t sure it’s covered by your insurance. There is usually always a lesser priced version of different medications you can use instead.

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