If You Pay Less Than Full Price for Something, Save the Difference


You will hear all kinds of savings tips in your life. Financial advice is something people love to give, and very few people actually take. But we have a piece of ingenious financial advice that will change the lives of just about everyone in the world if you just let it. Don’t assume for a second that you can’t save money. One of the very first things my parents taught me growing up is that you can save anything using three methods; save the amount of money per week of the year ($1 for week 1, $2 for week 2 and so on), round up your purchases and transfer the difference to your savings account (make a purchase for $100.02 and transfer the $.98 to your savings account so your purchase is $101) and save whatever you save.

The rule is simple. If you go to the supermarket and you use coupons and save $5 on your purchase, save that additional $5. You were probably planning on spending it anyway, so now you get to give it to you, your best investment. If you buy a new pair of shoes on sale for $100 less than full price, put that $100 savings into your savings account. It’s a great way to save money and make sure you get what you want and need and still pad your savings account. We love the concept because it’s just so simple t use and enjoy. Go ahead and start trying it now. Stores make it so easy to do this considering the fact that they tell you right on your receipt what it is you saved shopping with them that day, so go ahead and use their generosity in providing you with savings to provide yourself with even more savings; it’s an investment well worth it.

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