What You Need to Know When Getting a Cheap Oil Change

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Depending on the vehicle you drive, an oil change can be anything from totally affordable to astronomical; trust me. But the real question so many people have is where they can get a cheap oil change and whether or not the cheap changes are worth it. While most oil change places, such as Walmart Tire and Lube centers, Jiffy Lube and other side of the road places that offer oil changes are fine, there is something you do need to know about getting your oil changed and paying cheap prices. It’s not always what it seems. Before you go invest in a cheap oil change instead of one you can have done at your dealer, let us help you figure out what you need to look for. Your dealer is going to provide you with a bit less worry, but you are going to pay more for an oil change there. Check to see if your have free maintenance for any length of time on your car first. If not, here’s what you need to know when getting a cheap oil change.

Not all Cars are Created Equal

When I drove a BMW, I couldn’t get my oil changed just anywhere because they didn’t have the right kind of filter. I’d go someplace and ask for a quick change when I was in a hurry and didn’t feel like making the hour-long drive to the dealer and I’d be turned down. Call ahead of time and ask before you drop your car off.

Check that Sticker Post Oil-Change

You know that little sticker that workers put at the top left corner of your windshield after changing your oil? Yes, that one. Check it because it might be incorrect. For example, I got my oil changed at Walmart once in a hurry and they put a sticker up there telling me I needed a new oil change in 3000 miles, but y OnStar diagnostics report told me I still had ample oil life at 3000 miles. Places like that are required by their own rules to put a 3000 mile sticker on your car even if your dealer says you can drive 7500 or 10000 in my case. You’re cheap oil change is going to get a lot more expensive if you don’t check this and keep paying for 3 oil changes when you only needed one.

You Can DIY

It’s not a complex procedure, but if you watch some videos and do some reading, you could change your own oil on the cheap. Just make sure you’re confident in what you’re doing, you have the right pieces and parts and you are able to do it without  making too much of a mistake at any given moment.

Photo by Steve Exum/Getty Images for Mobil Super


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