Monthly Expenses You Can Get Rid of and Live Without

Atm Fees

The good news about saving money is that you have some serious options. For one, you can look for ways around the house and throughout your life to earn more money. You can sell things, get a side job or find some other way that you can earn some money. However, you can also find a way to minimize your monthly expenses and find a way to live without paying any of those without any issues. It might not seem like you can do that, but you can. There are a few monthly items you’re paying for that you don’t actually need. We’re here to tell you which ones to ditch right now.

Bank Fees

Find a bank with free checking and savings, one that doesn’t have ATMs located everywhere but where you are and one that isn’t fee-ing you to death. Find one of these and you might be surprised just how much you can save every month. It’s a simple savings plan.

Get a Cheap Cell Phone Plan

With four phones and more than $300 in cell phone charges, I’d like to save on this bill. However, we can’t and we won’t switch. If you are less picky than I, go ahead and look into a low-cost cell phone plan and see what you can do there.

Satellite Television

We’ve been considering getting rid of this for some time simply because we are paying $180 per month for something we don’t use. Our kids watch Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and we use Netflix most of the time, otherwise. What this means for us is that we’re wasting money – but we want sports. If you can live without sports, you can pay far less to stream your favorite shows and save a bundle.

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