Life Skills to Learn Now That Save Money and Time

life skills to learn now

Life is funny sometimes. Just when you think you finally know everything and that you’ve come so far since you were 20 or since you were 18 or even since you were 25, you realize you still don’t know much of anything. I remember growing up thinking that my parents were strict. I realize now that they were not even remotely strict; they were just concerned for my safety and they knew things that I did not know. All those times they said no that I could not go to a friend’s house for a sleepover or to visit, I just thought they didn’t want me to have fun. Now that I’m a parent and I’ve gotten to know some of the parents of my own kids’ friends, I get it; I’ll straight up tell my kids no, that they cannot go to someone’s house without any further explanation. After all, I don’t want to tell my kids that their friends’ parents are alcoholics and I don’t want them over there – because I don’t want them repeating that to their friends.

You learn a lot as you get older; and one of the most important things you learn are life skills. These life skills might seem silly, but they will teach you how to save money. And they will save you money big time. That’s why I think that everyone should learn to do the following by the time they are 25 at the latest.

  • Change a tire
  • Change your oil
  • Change a lightbulb
  • Unclog a toilet
  • Snake a drain
  • Check your oil in your car
  • Identify lights in your car
  • Find a good, trustworthy auto mechanic
  • Find a good, trustworthy AC company
  • Use a warranty
  • Ask for help
  • Jump start a car

Like I said; they seem innocuous. However, each piece of knowledge I just listed is going to save you hundreds of dollars. I don’t expect you to change your own tire or oil if you have warranties or road side assistance or anything like that; but these are life skills and little pieces of knowledge that will get you further in life than you imagined all while saving you money. You might not believe me now, but you will before much longer.

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