The Ultimate Guide To LA Fitness Discounts

LA Fitness Discount

LA Fitness Discount: 3 Key Tips

We all know exercise is one of the best gifts we can give our bodies. Not only does it makes us healthier in terms of weight, it makes us feel less stressed, puts us in a better mood, and it even helps us live a longer life. Now that you know how good exercise is, aren’t you inspired to join the gym? LA Fitness is a great gym to join, if you can get around the expense of a full price membership. Follow these tips, and it’s likely you can get your LA Fitness membership fee down to something reasonable.

Wait Three Months

If you’re excited to join the LA Fitness gym that just opened up near you, don’t. LA Fitness does extensive research before opening new locations and if they’ve opened one near you, it’s because they know that there are a lot of people willing to pay a big price to join. Wait at least three months until prices drop. After the initial buzz of a new location dies down, it will be harder for them to recruit new members. The easiest way for them to keep generating sign ups is through discounts and teaser rates.

Demand A Contract Clause

If you decide to sign up for a year-long membership, ask that the sales agent at LA Fitness includes a clause in your contract that states the rate you’re paying now cannot be increased throughout the year. If you don’t, they’ll happily increase your fees and monthly charges whenever they choose. Asking for this clause nets you a bigger discount that you can even imagine. You could even ask for a clause that states your rate will never increase. Remember, this is a contract, and you a free to negotiate how you see fit. The worst that can happen is they will say no to your requests.

Walk Out On Your Gym Tour

If you are visiting the gym and still not satisfied with the amount they want you to pay, walk out. Most gyms don’t want you to leave, so they will do whatever it takes to get you to stay. This includes making sure that you get a discounted rate on your monthly bill. They’re willing to discount prices to attract members, and you should know that before you walk in. This is a great bargaining tool for anyone looking to buy an LA Fitness membership because it’s going to give you discounts most people don’t realize are even available. After you leave, expect them to follow up with you by phone or email, and offering a discount.

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