Did You Know You can Save 97% at CVS Without even Clipping Coupons?


Saving money rocks; saving 97% on your purchases at CVS rocks even more. But really, who has time to clip all those coupons and look up all the extras that make this kind of savings possible? And honestly, who wants to save 97% on 100 tubes of toothpaste, if we are all honest? If I were to tell you that you could save 97% on your purchases at CVS, that’s exactly what you’d think, right? “Great, I’d love to save that kind of money, but I don’t need 1000 rolls of toilet paper,” you’d think with a mental eye roll. Let’s be honest here; you will use 1000 rolls of toilet paper in your life, but I get what you are saying. You’d have to move a kid or two to college years earlier than possible just to fit that much toilet paper in the house. So really, the problem is that you think that savings like this means stocking up on too many of one item that you really do not need.

That’s not always the case. Sure, you can find a way to clip coupons and do what you have to do to save money on toilet paper and window cleaner so that you don’t have to buy those things for the next 18 years, but that’s not where we are going. We are telling you that you can use a few simple tips, tricks and hacks to save up to 97% on your purchases at CVS and actually buy things you might use and need on a regular basis. Each tip comes from professionals who know what they are talking about.

Get Over Your Loyalty to Certain Brands

There is one thing that is going to make your savings substantial when shopping at CVS, and that’s throwing out any brand loyalty you might have. At the end of the day, most products are made very similarly, so the difference is not significant. However, if you aren’t particular about the brands you buy, you’ll save so much more money when you are shopping. It’s the first step in saving 97% on your purchases.

Register for ECB

This is the ExtraCare Beauty Club, and it’s worth the few minutes it takes to sign up. You get ‘dollars’ added to your account every year on your birthday (3) and you get $5 in ECB dollars every time you spend $50 in a CVS store. You don’t even have to spend $50 at one time, either. You just have to spend it in as many increments as you need.

Use those ExtraCare Bucks

If you notice that there are rewards cards everywhere, it’s because there are. However, the one at CVS is among the best. You will receive bucks with every purchase that are good for 30 days. These are printed at the bottom of your receipt and can be used immediately. These bucks can be anywhere from $1 to $10 and they add up when you do your shopping at this pharmacy on a regular basis. The trick is to sign up and to keep an eye on the rewards that are valid that week on items.

Scan Your ExtraCare Card

At the beginning of each shopping trip, scan your card when you walk into the store. There is a red machine at the door that allows you to do this with great success. What this does is provide you with coupons that you might not know about. For example, you might find that a coupon for $5 off bathroom product purchases is available, and you could save a bundle on your purchase using that coupon when you checkout. If you skip the scanning at the beginning of your trip, however, you might miss out on this really amazing coupon.

Skip Desperation Shopping

The trick to saving at CVS is to shop when you aren’t desperate for items. This allows you to wait for certain sales that will make your purchases less expensive. For example, you’re not going to save a bundle heading into the store to buy the milk you are out of, the razor you left at a hotel after your recent vacation and the sunscreen you need for a trip to the beach this afternoon. It’s just not going to happen. If you can wait, you can save.

Sign up for CVS Emails

Did you know that you will get weekly coupons just for signing up for the store’s email program? Not only will you now get emails every week that tell you which products are on sale and what kind of special offers the store has to offer, you’ll also get some seriously good coupons, such as specific dollar amounts off of purchases. This means big savings every week when you choose to shop here, which is significant. Some of the most common email coupons you will receive include 20% off your entire order or $5 off a $20 order, both of which are big savings.

Check Flyers

Okay, so you still have a half tube of toothpaste, and you won’t need any more until next week. It doesn’t matter if the stuff is on sale this week. I mean, seriously, check the flyers for the sales and shop in advance. If you know you’re going to run out of toothpaste in the near future (and we all do) and that you will need more in order to keep your teeth clean (and we all do) buy it when it’s on sale and not after you are already out.

Use Everything Together

When you use your ECB points, your rewards points, you shop sales and you print the coupons from the card machine at the beginning of each trip, you will save significantly on your purchases. It’s not that difficult to do, and even though 97% is not going to be your savings every time, these different concepts and tricks will help you save at least 50% on your total bill every single time.

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