How to Visit A Doctor For Next to Nothing

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Medical bills are often some of the most expensive in the world, and they can be devastating if you cannot afford them. Even with medical insurance, something happening to you can be a severe financial blow if you are not prepared for it. Considering the only medical issue most people prepare for is child birth, it’s usually bad news when something else occurs and you’re forced to pay thousands in medical bills without warning. Health care, unfortunately, is expensive. It wasn’t cheap before the Affordable Care Act took over, and now it’s even more expensive than ever for most of us.

Now that health care is so expensive for the average American family, many of us are putting off visits to the doctor for even the most routine care simply because we have no idea what it might cost; but we know it’s probably not even remotely affordable. That’s why we thought we might tell you how you can have the opinion of a professional medical doctor for less than dinner out on a Friday night. Seriously; I’m not even joking. It’s called Telehealth, and it’s very real.

All you have to do is check out a few different services such as Virtuwell, Teladoc and even Spruce, and they will schedule you a virtual appointment with a board certified doctor who will treat your ailments, send you a prescription to a pharmacy and even schedule a follow-up with you for a month later – all for only $40. If you’re not entirely certain you trust this system, perhaps it helps to know that more than half the hospitals in the United States off the same services to their own patients, which means that it’s not something you’re just ‘finding on the internet’ in a way that’s borderline creepy or not quite right. Give it a try; you get a full refund if it doesn’t work.

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