How to Save Money On Those Pesky Student Loans

student loan repayment

This day and age, people have student loan debt that seems so impossible to get rid of that they cannot even breathe. The cost of higher education is so expensive that many students find it necessary to take out student loans to help pay the balance of their education. The problem is that most of the jobs that these people are getting after graduation don’t pay enough to cover the price of repayment. Think about it; the average student has $35,000 in student loans. If that person is a teacher, that payment might mean the former student might never be able to repay loans, buy a home and have a real life after graduation.

It’s ridiculous. However, there is a way you might be able to save on your student loans, have a life and still be able to pay them back without stressing so much abou the fact your student loan payments are more expensive than your actual mortgage. It’s called CommonBond. It’s a website that allows you to refinance your student loans and find a little bit of payment relief in the midst of something that’s relatively unaffordable. One woman, a nurse, with more than $100k in student loans was able to refinance her 7 loans and payments to one loan, and the cost was over $500 less for her to pay them off afterward than it was before she refinanced.

There are so many people who are so overwhelmed with their student loans that they’ve decided to leave the country, that they default and they cannot have a real life. Their income tax refunds are seized, sometimes their paychecks are garnished and there are a number of other unfortunate issues that occur when someone’s student loans are in default. If you find yourself relating to this, check out CommonBond and see if it works for you.

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