Get a Green Thumb: Your Houseplants Can Save You Money

house plants

Did you know that all it takes to improve the airflow and the air quality in your home is a few houseplants? Those things that look so nice and so pretty, but you manage to kill in about a second? Additionally, do you find it ironic that nothing you do in life will kill the weeds that insist on showing up in the landscaping, but you can kill a houseplant that the woman at the nursery insists is self-sufficient and needs nothing from you at all, really, in about a day? I do. However, houseplants bring with them a myriad of amazing benefits, and it might do you well to realize that some of those benefits include saving you money.

Fewer Trips to the Doctor

By adding a few plants to your indoor spaces, you reduce your chances of becoming ill. Houseplants improve air quality and make the air feel that much better all the way around, and that also comes with the added benefit of cleaning out the allergens and pollutants in the air. When there are fewer of these, people tend to feel healthier on a more regular basis.

Smaller Utility Bills

During the summer, your houseplant makes your home feel a bit cooler thanks to its ability to release humidity into the air. It helps the air cool down the house faster and more efficiently, which means you can turn your air conditioning system up a few notches so that you use it less often and still get the same wonderful cooling effect.

Save Money on Frivolous Items

Houseplants increase the flow of healthy oxygen in the home, which is a natural assistant to making you feel better as a whole. You’re less sick, you’re breathing healthier air and you’re improving your quality of life. When you do that, you are able to eliminate a bit of stress, some anxiety and other things that bother you and make you feel as if you are not in a good mood. When you feel as if you are in a good mood more often, you are less likely to rely on things such as impulse purchase to get you through the day. You won’t want to rely on ice cream, wine or entertainment that costs a bundle to keep you in a good mood. It’s naturally coming from home.

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