How to Get Dirt Cheap Prices at your Favorite Grocery Stores

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is such a budget killer. If only your family did not have to eat; you’d have thousands of extra dollars a year to spend on other things. Unfortunately, you have to eat and your family has to eat, too (I know, I know). The good news is that you can find dirt cheap prices on the things you buy regularly at a number of different stores, and it’s not even all that difficult. Here are just a few ways you can save significantly on your groceries.

Buy in Bulk

No, we are not talking about going to Sams or Costco and buying a thousand rolls of toilet paper (unless the price is right because if we are not mistaken, there will never not be a need for toilet paper in your home). We mean, buy in bulk when things are on sale. Chicken’s on sale buy one get one free at your local supermarket? That’s a dirt cheap price at any store, so it’s time to stock up. You can freeze it, so you can keep it for ages. Meat’s expensive, so getting it free is worth it! The same goes for other items.

Use Coupons

It might not seem like that big of a deal to save $3 on a box of diapers for your little one (they’re $25 a box as it is) so you might skip the coupon, but you shouldn’t. In fact, you should look around the internet for more coupons that are issued by the manufacturer so that you can add them to the store coupon. It’s as simple as handing it over and having it scanned at checkout. This means that if the store is offering $3 off the price of a box of Pampers and Pampers is offering a deal that allows you to save $10 when you buy 2 boxes, you’re saving $13 on two boxes. That means you’re getting one box for half price. That’s big savings.

Shop Different Stores

It’s a hassle, but I have a good example. I shop at Publix (for those who don’t live in the South and have the luxury of a Publix with a sub shop, I’m sorry) and I love Publix. I don’t care to go to Wal-Mart for various reasons. However, I do go when it comes to buying things like lunchables for my kids. Why? (Aside from the fact that they’re disgusting and unhealthy?) Because at Publix, they always have lunchables on “sale” 2 for $4. Walmart has them on sale for $1 most weeks. Now, I’m bad at not practicing what I preach in this sense of the word, but I do know that I could save $40 a month on my kids’ main lunch dish if I went to a different store (and maybe one day I will).

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