Gas Saving Tips for Those Who Drive Often

Buying gas is never fun. I remember when I first started driving I could fill up my car for a solid $12 each and every time. Now I drive a car about the same size and I fill it up for approximately $60 every 350 miles – and it uses the expensive gas which is awesome.

Now that I’m about to have twins on top of my two little girls, myself and my husband, we are in the market for a much larger SUV with intimidating words such as “XL” and “L” after the make. I know that filling up is about to become a lot more expensive, which has led me to wonder if there is a way the world can save a little on gas. After some research, I’ve come up with these three pieces of advice.

Drive Nice

Ignore your former days of cheerleading glory and don’t B-E Aggressive. Edmunds performed some road tests and the results are pretty astonishing. Those annoyingly slow and irritating drivers that always get in front of you who are so not aggressive are actually filling up their vehicles at $4 per gallon – like all of us – but they’re actually getting additional gas mileage out of each tank that drops the price of their gas to the equivalent of $2.69 per gallon. The downside to this is only that now you’ll have to make an effort to leave on time so you don’t have to rush.

Slow Your Roll

Really, for every 5 miles an hour slower you drive you save approximately 10-15 percent more gas. It’s great advice, but how realistic is it to actually drive 50 instead of 55 or 55 instead of 60? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could actually drive slower in order to save gas and not feel like I’ve lost control of my life and the road.


Take some advice from Florida Georgia Line and Nelly and cruise. Well, set your cruise control. It saves gas; for most people. It actually depends heavily on the kind of person you are behind the wheel, you rate of driving and a few other factors, but it can’t hurt to see if it works for you.

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