Five Ways to Negotiate Discounts for Your Wedding

If you’re planning your wedding, you should know that prices that your vendors quote are not set in stone. That’s right ladies and gentlemen; you can negotiate the price of your wedding. Almost everything in life is a negotiation, and your wedding is no different (and I wish I would have known this 10 years ago when I was planning mine). There are certain ways you can save money on your big day, simply by asking. Read on to find out how and where you can negotiate discounts for  your wedding.


If you’re looking at different locations for your wedding ceremony or any other vendor for your wedding, compare prices and get exact quotes from other locations. Now take those to your dream location and ask them if you can work something out. Some locations will say no and refuse to negotiate. Others will consider cutting you a break so that they get your business instead of sending you elsewhere.

Keep an Eye Out for Extras

You’re going to need this when it comes time to sign the contract. If you’ve already discussed price and then notice little fees such as a cake cutting fee or a cake plating fee, tell the vendor that with the price of the venue, you simply cannot afford any extra fees. If they suspect that these small extras are going to turn you off, they might get rid of them on your behalf.

Be Polite

It’s a simple concept that a lot of brides and grooms forget about. Be nice and ask for discounts. You’re going to get a better deal when you’re nice and honest than when you’re condescending. For example, telling one vendor that their ballroom isn’t nearly as lovely as the one at the Four Seasons so they practically owe you a discount for not being high-end enough is not going to win you any popularity contests. Instead, try telling them this is your dream location and you’d love it, but without a discount, you can’t have it.

Ask for Extras

Negotiating prices doesn’t always mean talking money. Sometimes it means asking for a little something extra in addition to your package. How about paying full price for your venue and then asking if they’d be willing to let you have it for one extra hour free of charge, of if they’d be willing to make and serve a signature cocktail for one hour free of charge since you booked the biggest room for additional hours. It often works like a charm.

Use Your Advantage

If you don’t think that a vendor is working with you, walk away. It might just so happen that your vendor suddenly remembers that he can give you that extra discount or that he can throw in a DJ without any extra cost if you just stay here and book with them. The wedding industry relies on good stories about their business, and not working with you isn’t going to win them any popularity contests.

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