Find Out How One Company Will Pay You to Save Electricity


Perhaps you have an idea of what it’s like to open up your utility bill and have a moment of sheer panic. WHAT? How did it get to be this much? After nearly 10 years in our first home, the home we built when we were 20 and 21 and getting married, we were accustomed to a certain utility bill every month. We knew it was higher in the summer because we Floridians are hot and we like to keep our air low. Even then, however, our utility bill was always around $225 at most. During the winter, it was virtually nonexistent since we opened windows and enjoyed gorgeous weather and rarely had to use heat or air.

When we bought a house three times the size of that house 15 months ago, we were shocked when we opened our utility bill that first month. More than $400. And that’s pretty much what we are used to throughout the summer. Even now it’s still not cheap; it’s still almost $300. So, if someone could pay me to save money on my utilities, I might actually take them up on that offer. If you live in California, you can get paid to save money.

OhmConnect is a service that allows you to register, connect it to your utility bill and then start saving. The company sends you notifications during the most power-hungry hours of the day and asks you to turn off your electricity during that hour. They’ll pay you to do it so that the grid is not overwhelmed during those times. It’s a really genius plan, and many people can earn as much as $300 per year to use the service, which is a way you can save significantly on your energy costs as well as get paid for it. And it’s simple to use, which is always helpful and welcome. According to experts from Utility Saving Expert, implementation on this technique has helped businesses to reduce their cost on electricity.

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