Financial Changes You Can Make Today to See Big Changes Immediately


Anytime I see a great idea for a budget or for some sort of financial increase in life, I think to myself it would be really nice to be able to do that right now and see instant results. For instance, wouldn’t it be simply amazing to decide to open a savings account and see $1,000 go into it right now? I would love if I could make financial decisions that would change my life right this very second. That would be simply amazing. The truth of the matter, however, is that we can do that and we do that every day. We just don’t see the instant change it makes in our life. We are a people who want to see things happen right now or even yesterday.

We don’t like waiting. It’s a flaw in our generation. We don’t want to work hard and watch as things in our lives get better. We want them to get better right now – this morning, yesterday – because waiting is a drag. I mean, we are people who can put a button in our pantry and have a box of trash bags or diapers delivered to us from Amazon anywhere form an hour to a day after pushing the button. We are a seriously ‘right now’ kind of people. That’s why I thought you might all be interested in learning that we can make financial changes in our lives that are beneficial to us right now; even if we might not notice how important they are right now.

Read on to find out how you can make a huge financial impact in your own life, right now, right this second and really enjoy some serious benefits. I’m serious about it.

Run A Credit Check

The most important and most impactful thing you can do right now in your life is run a credit check. Why? Because you can see what mistakes might be on it, have them fixed or even raise your score by correcting a few things that might not be entirely accurate. If that is not something that is immediately beneficial to you, I just don’t know what is.

Call HR and Set Up Savings Transfers

Do you get paid by a company every week or every other week or whenever? If you do, call your HR department and ask someone if they can do you the favor of setting a certain amount from each paycheck to go directly into your savings account so that you never see that money. You can’t and don’t miss things you don’t have. I love this advice for people who have a new job or a new raise. You never had that money, so you’re not going to miss it if you don’t’ have it, right? Ask them to set the difference between what you were making and what you are currently making directly into the savings account you designate so that you save and never see a difference. I can assure you this works like a charm.

Set Up Automatic Debits

Right now when you have a few free minutes (I assume, anyway, since you are reading this) it’s a great time to set up automatic payments for all your expenses. Why? Because I know that it’s easy to forget sometimes that things are due and in need of payment. When you take it upon yourself to go ahead and set them up for automatic debit, however, you’re going to find that you can easily get them paid and save money on late fees, higher interest rates and whatnot. What kind of amazing example is that?

Change Your Withholding Allowance

I know that many people who receive a big refund from the IRS every year at tax time love it. I don’t get one, so I don’t know that feeling. However, if you are getting a refund, you are basically lending money free of charge to the federal government. Is there any point in that, really? I don’t think there is. So why not call the good people in HR (you should already be calling them as it is today to discuss the above mentioned savings plan) and ask them to adjust your withholding allowance so that you’re paying in what you need to pay not to owe money at the end of the tax year, but not so much that you’re missing out throughout the year.

Call Your People

Not your people-people; the people you bank with, have a credit card with, use for your cable. Tell them that unless they can give you a better deal, lower interest rate or whatever, that you’d like to cancel your services with them and move on to someone else. I can assure you that they will very likely do this thing where they allow you to have what you want simply because they don’t want to lose your business.

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