The Financial Benefits of Getting Plenty of Exercise


Exercise makes me feel good; really good. In fact, if I don’t work out during the day, I’m not a very nice person. I become grouchy, cranky, irritable and kind of mean. I have little patience, everything annoys me and I constantly think about how annoyed I am that I did not have time to work out that day. Honestly, it’s a thing. I feel good working out, and I go to the gym (the YMCA) six days a week. On Sundays we always have a family day, but we get exercise swimming, jumping on the trampoline or walking or playing sports in the yard.

The benefits of exercise for me have been numerous. I’ve always been thin, but I didn’t realize that it’s about so much more than looking good. Since I’ve been going to the gym six days a week since May, I have noticed my already clear skin is much clearer and ‘glowing’ and my mood is so much better. I have more patience, I drink even more water than ever before – and I always drink a lot of water. I have much more body confidence, I feel good in my bikini and I’ve noticed that I have so much more energy. I love it.

One of the biggest benefits of going to the gym every day, however, has been elsewhere. Sure, there more mental and physical and emotional benefits that I ever thought possible, but there are some financial benefits, too. We pay $59 per month for our YMCA membership, but we are saving hundreds of dollars each day. This realization made me feel more than a little excited, and I immediately wanted to share my excitement with you. Here’s how working out can help you financially as well as physically and mentally.

You Spend Less Money on Going Out to Eat

On Saturday mornings we used to wake up and take the kids to our favorite local breakfast place for bacon and eggs, biscuits and gravy and chocolate chip pancakes. It’s an inexpensive place that only cost our family of 6 around $60 total to have breakfast, but that’s four days a month. We get up now and go to the gym and then come home and eat something a little healthier, like fruit. It’s a $240 per month savings.

Something else we’ve noticed is the lack of take out and fast food. When you’re working out and you’re feeling good about yourself, you have more desire to eat healthier even when you’re in a rush or too tired to cook. We eat healthy already, but we’ve noticed we skip out on take out since it feels unhealthy and we make salads at home now. It’s a huge savings.

Our Insurance is Cheaper

Because we are much healthier than ever before, we are saving a bit on our insurance. We get a discount when we pass our annual physicals with flying colors and no health issues. I don’t really understand it so much as I just know that we each get a $300 discount applied to our annual premium when we get our physicals and we show up healthier than ever. It’s a nice discount.

We Drink Less

Now that makes us sound like a couple of raging alcoholics, right? We are not, but we do love our nightly glass of red wine, and perhaps a glass of white when we cook dinner. Something I’ve noticed since I began working out six days per week is that I have so much more energy now that I don’t feel the need to stand around the kitchen sipping wine when I’m cooking (read: watching my husband cook and pretending to help). Since my eyes are open at 5 am every weekday, I also decided to give up weekday drinking, too.

Instead of pouring that glass of red at night, I forgo it for more water since I love the feeling of waking up with more energy for my workout. It’s strange how you feel so much better about yourself and want to make other positive changes.

Additionally, when you’re not spending $12-$15 on a bottle of wine every day of the week, life becomes a lot less expensive.

Other Savings

Exercise promotes better sleep, more energy and a little more desire for intimacy. If you have to purchase items to help take care of these things regularly, you’re going to find you no longer need them when you’re exercising regularly. Who needs to pay for sleeping pills when you’re sleeping just fine after a good workout?

Did I mention that when you work out more often, your immune system is stronger? When your immune system is stronger, you’re healthier. When you are healthier, you need fewer antibiotics and medicines and you don’t have to go to the doctor as often. It’s savings all over the place.

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