Everything You Need to Know about the Apple Student Discount


It pays to be a student, especially when you’re shopping at Apple. Not only do you get discount movie tickets and other perks in your college area, but you also get a nice discount on the world’s hottest electronics if you play your cards right. It’s actually a nice perk, especially considering students are often locked into years of expensive tuition fees, books and supplies, and that doesn’t even include the cost of living a fun life, traveling home and paying for rent.

It just gets even more expensive when you take into account the fact that students are also required to pay for things such as their electronics and other devices. Apple, the leading electronics provider for most people in the student age range, offers discounts in the Apple for Education program. If you shop in-store or online, you can take advantage of these savings. Apple doesn’t offer many discounts or sales, so any discount offered by any program make this a great time to save and a great time to shop Apple, especially those in the education field or in school.

Present Your School ID

If you have a valid student ID card, you will receive the discounts available to students at any Apple store. If you shop online, you can choose the Apple for Education link and shop that way so you can see the discounts offered to you before you check out with your purchases. You have to prove your student status, however, in person. Online, you simply have to agree to prove that you are a student if ever you are asked.

Shop Education as an Educator

The best part is that teachers and professors are also eligible for these savings from Apple. Apple knows that educators are grossly underpaid and typically use their products in the classroom and to work, so they are happy to offer their discount to teachers and faculty members as well, which is a nice perk when you are living on a teacher’s budget.

It’s Not Just for College Students

If you have a high school student who is dually-enrolled in a college program, he or she is also eligible to save on Apple products both in-store and online when shopping with Apple. The discounts are not massive, but they are enough to make a difference in the lives of students – and teachers.

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