Easy Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Rental Deposit Back

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We talk a lot about buying versus renting and how buying is better. However, not everyone has to agree with us, and not everyone does. Additionally, not everyone can or is ready to or even wants to buy. That means we have to tell our favorite renters how they can save a bit of money when they move out by getting your deposit back. It’s a substantial chunk of change that you hand over when you sign your lease, and you want it back. However, sometimes that simply does not happen. If you want to know how you can ensure you get your apartment deposit back, take it from us and read these tips.

Clean Up

It’s just polite, really. If you live somewhere, clean it up before you leave. Your landlord is more likely to give you that deposit back if he or she does not have to go into that apartment and clean it up from top to bottom. It’s hard to find a reason to keep your money when you are doing such a good job of keeping things clean.

Fix Whatever Needs It

Did you make a little hole with nails in the wall? Fill them in and retouch the paint over them. In fact, paint over anything you painted yourself, or that you messed up while you were there. If your landlord has nothing to fix, you will get that deposit back in no time at all.

Take Photos

Before you move in, take pictures of the apartment. After you move out, take pictures of the apartment. Sometimes all it takes is just a little reminder that you did all you were supposed to do to keep that landlord from stiffing you. Additionally, you can talk to the landlord prior to moving in to add a few amendments to the agreement so that you can get it back when you move out. It does work if you are willing to put forth the effort.

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