DIY Wedding Centerpieces are a Great Way to Save


Your wedding day is the most important day of your life to date. However, that is no reason to go all out on the budget and spend money that would be better applied elsewhere. Unfortunately, too many people make it a habit to spend money they don’t have or can’t afford on their weddings simply because they want it to look good in photos or in the eyes of their guests. We don’t have to tell you it’s a bad idea to overspend on the wedding, but we can tell you that there is one surefire way you can save money on your reception and that’s making some gorgeous DIY wedding centerpieces. These are some of the simplest DIY projects to deal with, and they’re one of the biggest expenses of any wedding if you don’t DIY.

We know what you’re thinking; you don’t have the time to make your own centerpieces for your wedding. You have no idea where to start, you have no time and you have no way of knowing whether or not you have the skill to make something that looks expensive and exclusive. We don’t know what you want or how you want your reception to look, but we can assume beautiful is one of the requirements. We’ve provided you with a video that will help motivate and inspire you to make your own DIY centerpieces once you see just how simple it is; and we have a few great reasons for you to get on the ball making your own centerpieces.

It Saves Money

Did you know a floral centerpiece from the local florist could cost hundreds of dollars per centerpiece? If you have several tables that need them, you’re looking at thousands of dollars. If you make them yourself, you could end up with 15 centerpieces for roughly the price of one professionally made centerpiece.

You Can Spend Elsewhere

If you’re working with a tight budget, this money is much better spent elsewhere. Perhaps you’d rather spend it on good food or really good entertainment, or even a really good honeymoon. There’s always something you can do yourself to save a little money so that you can spend it elsewhere.

Just Save It

You are likely going to have children one day, and they’ll need a lovely home in which to grow up, clothes, food and a college education. Take that money and put it away for a rainy day; such as the one in which your child’s first tuition bill arrives. Use it for that.

Photo by Shealah Craighead/The White House via Getty Images


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