Did you Know Switching Utility Providers Can Earn You Thousands of Miles?

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Can you really save money by switching your utility providers? It seems that there is a bit of a discussion going on about this at the moment now that Energy Plus is offering their customers a chance to earn a lot of airline miles through the AAdvantage program simply by switching energy providers. The offer states that by switching, you will lower your utility bills, earn up to 10,000 bonus miles and earn miles on every utility bill payment you make every month. That seems almost too good to be true; and that’s because it is. You have to read the fine print, understand what it means and understand precisely what this deal entails for Energy Plus members. Furthermore, you also have to switch back after three months or you will be paying far more for your new energy service that you ever did in the past.

First and foremost, this is only an offer that is being given to residents of a select few states. Energy Plus is not a utility company, but merely a provider. What this company does is buy your power from your local power company and then sells it to you. Your current utility company still does all the work for you, still handles your power, and basically is bought out by Energy Plus so that they can sell your current utility company’s power to you at their dime. If you live in the following locations, you are eligible to earn a lot of miles with this promotion.

  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • New Jersey

What You Need to Do

It’s a very simple process to switch over to Energy Plus. You will call up and switch or do it online or even through an internet airport kiosk. It takes only a few moments of your time and it’s really a very simple procedure. However, that’s where the company gets you. You are so happy with how easy it was to switch that you don’t notice that you get a lower rate and a less expensive utility bill for only three months. After that, you’re signing up for a variable rate that can – and will – change at any time. If you take a few moments to read the reviews associated with this program and with Energy Plus, you will find that new customers receive a much lower utility bill for three months, and then their rate more than skyrockets. Many customers state that their utility bills more than doubled inside of six months following the switch to Energy Plus.

So here is how you earn your miles (and remember that you’re only earning them monthly on the supply portion of your bill, which is the smallest charge). You sign up for Energy Plus. You write down the date you signed up, you wait for your bonus miles to post to your account, which happens around two months after you sign up, and then you call and cancel your Energy Plus membership so that you can go back to receiving your energy from your typically utility company. You get three months worth of smaller bills since each cycle is a month behind, your free 10,000 bonus miles and you don’t have to pay too much by seeing your rates rise dramatically after your three month trial period is over.

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