Creative Ways to Save Money When You Launch a Business


Starting your own business is exciting and it’s scary. It’s scary when someone else is funding it for you, and it’s scary when it’s something you are funding on your own. No matter where your funding comes from, however, it is always a good idea to save money when possible when launching your own business. It’s just good business sense. Which, if we dare to point out, is something you should have if you decide to become a business owner (I’m just saying). Good business sense is essential to any good business, as is being creative about saving money. This is especially true when you are just starting out since you have to make sure you are able to fund your business carefully so that it doesn’t fail.

Many people are too afraid to pursue their dreams because the cost of launching a business is a bit on the excessive side. There are always those who are too nervous, worried and scared to do what it takes, and then there are those that decide that they’ll take the plunge no matter what. Those people are always on the lookout for new ways to save, and that’s how they are able to guarantee their business has a better chance of success than businesses that spend, spend, spend. While it’s true that you have to spend some money to make some money in the business world, you don’t have to spend more than you want. We have some very creative ways that business owners have used time and time again over the course of their own business launches to help ensure that they are able to succeed and save money simultaneously.

Do your research

The best way to save money on launching your own business is to make sure that the business you start is actually a good one. For example, opening a $600 a plate prix fixe menu dining experience in a town with 500 residents within 50 miles and an average annual salary per household of only $15,000 is probably not a good business venture. Market research, focus groups and even some pre-advertising online can help you see whether or not the business you want to begin where you are is actually worth it. We want to see you succeed, and it’s far easier to do that when your business is actually going to work. And that’s going to be the biggest saver of money in the long run.

Handle your personal expenses

All right, all right; I know. You don’t want to go there. You’re a business owner. This means you’re rich now, right? Wrong; you are not rich, especially if you are living like you are when you aren’t. To minimize expenses as you launch your business, start at home. Rid yourself of any expenses you do not need or require so that you can save money and put it where it matters most as you launch the business that’s going to (hopefully) make you the millionaire you want to be someday.

Consider nixing a full-time staff

Outsourcing is going to be your best bet for the time being. When you haven’t the success needed to hire a full time staff, don’t hire one. Wait until the demand is so big it is crucial to hire a full time staff. For the time being, during the launch of your business, hire only who you cannot live without and then outsource any and everything else. The less you have to pay employees, the better off your business will be in the long run. Temps are cheaper than full time employees, and outsourcing is something you need only do on a temporary basis. If your business involves delivery or shipping of your products, you may outsource a Courier Pick Up service.

Consider office space

So you are launching a business; you don’t need to go rent a high-rise with a big corner office with floor to ceiling windows and views of the ocean to make sure your success is imminent. You can make do with your home office for now. You can make do with your guest bedroom while your mother-in-law is sleeping on the floor next to your desk while she’s here to help you and your wife with your new baby. You can do whatever it takes to save money until you have so much that a high-rise and a full time staff are worth the expense. Until then, make it work where it’s free and you haven’t any money to pay out.


The more you network, the more success your business might have. For example, you can meet potential new clients, and you can meet people who can spread the word about your business free of charge. Networking events can help you meet people that might even be willing to trade goods for services and whatnot. This means you might be able to spend some time trading services with someone who will make you free business cards or set up your internet connection in your new office space. You never know.

The best part about networking, however, is that you have such unlimited potential. You will see over time how much this will benefit you and save you money. All it takes is one person to meet you and offer to place your business cards in their office, or one person to recommend to another person that they just met someone who “Does just that and can help you in a second flat,” to get you going and have the world looking your direction.

Stay calm

The most amazing way to save some serious cash is just to stay calm. You can stay calm about spending money by understanding that you will have to spend some at some point. You cannot be cheap with your business. Frugal, yes, but never cheap. Your business is an expression of you and your services that will be provided to others and it is your job to make sure that it looks good. How you spend your money says a lot to others, so make it look good.

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