The Most Cost Effective Alternatives to Cable Television


Every single month when I get the email that my DirecTV bill is ready to view, I cringe a little on the inside. Paying $160 per month so that we can watch television is a bit much, especially when we don’t even watch that much television and especially considering what we do watch we find on Netflix and binge on after the kids go to bed for weeks at a time. However, you just can’t get anything with sports, and that’s a no-go in this house. We need our sports (especially when the Gators are playing). With that said, however, if you’re not a sports fan or you’d rather go out and watch the big game or games, you can do just that with these exceptionally cost effective television options.

Netflix – $8/Month

If you love watching full seasons of television and you don’t mind waiting until the following season to catch up on the current season of your new favorite show, you will love Netflix. You will also love it because you can watch movies as well. It’s a great concept; it’s all right there and you can view it at anytime you’d like.

Hulu Plus $8/Month

It’s the same idea as Netflix but it allows you to get some of the current shows in a live stream. For example, if you love to watch a show that’s been on a few seasons and you’ve watched all that’s available on Netflix, you can catch up with the current season on Hulu Plus.

Amazon Prime – $80/Year

Kind of just like Netflix, this is a site that allows you to watch whatever you want to watch just about any time you want to watch it. The best part is that it offers free two-day shipping on purchases you make across the site, so it’s win-win for everyone.

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