How You Can Get Into Rock Concerts Without Spending Any Money

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Rock concerts are so awesome to see, even if you are not a rock fan. There is something so uniquely special and amazing about seeing your favorite bands and artists live in person that just makes the entire event so much more awesome. There is a certain atmosphere you will not find anywhere but a rock concert, but the sad fact is that not everyone can afford to get into see a concert like this. That takes the experience out of the running for many. It’s sad, but it’s true. Not everyone can afford even the least expensive tickets to a show like this, and it’s because they can be priced quite high. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that almost anyone can experience a rock concert, and it has nothing to do with your wallet and your bank account. Free rock concerts are possible – but I’m not saying they are easy.

Some of these methods will take you a long time to perfect and craft, but they do work. Each piece of advice here comes from those who have been getting into concerts free for many years across the internet. They have shared their secrets with the world and we have rounded them up for you so that you can find them all in one simple place rather than searching endlessly through the internet to find what you want.  Read on to find out how you can get into rock concerts free of charge and good luck making these methods work for you.

Participate in Radio Contests

Do you know that they often sound a lot more difficult to win than they actually are? You can even enter more than once, despite the fact that radio show hosts like to tell you that you cannot. It’s a nice way to get into concerts free of charge, and it will make a huge difference after you try it a few times. Believe it or not, the rules are very simple and it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think to win, you need only pay attention and make it happen for you.

Work for a Radio Station

Are you a college student or a high school student in need of a part-time job? If you are, why not apply for a job at a radio station? If you’re a college student in the media business, you might even want to do this as an unpaid internship so that you can see what it’s all about and make an effort to get free concert tickets. Interns and staff at radio stations are always getting free tickets to concerts and hosts are not always interested in going to the concerts, especially if they are late concerts and the hosts are early morning DJs. The trick here is to ensure that you get a job at a rock station and not a country  music station – unless you like to get into free country music concerts instead of rock concerts.

Apply for a Job at a Big Venue

Where do you live? Where do most of the concerts in your area happen? Are they at a big arena? If so, apply for a job there. If you can get a job there, you most likely get the pleasure of attending the concerts at no cost. This is not a guarantee, but it is a reality in many locations and that’s just a simple fact. Apply for a job working at a concert hall or arena to greatly improve your chances of getting into your favorite rock band’s concerts at no charge.

Become the Media

This is not that simple, but it can work. You don’t have to be Diane Sawyer or Kelly Ripa to get free concert tickets – though it could help if you are one of those two. All you have to do is become a blogger who blogs about music or an actual media personality. They get free tickets all the time. The more you go to concerts and write about them, take photos of them and make them sound amazing, the more likely you are to get free passes to the concerts the next time your favorite band is in town. This is something you’re going to have to work very hard to make happen, but starting a blog right now might mean you get all kinds of free concert tickets in two years. I never said that you’d get free tickets tomorrow, just that I could get you into concerts free of charge with my advice. Some of it takes significantly longer than other pieces of advice.

Be a Groupie

Some people swear this works every single time. Get to the venue early. Wait for the tour bus to pull up so that you can see the band or artist coming into the venue. Hold up a sign. Get their attention. Make an impression. According to free concert-goers of the internet, this works for them more often than not, and they are invited into the show by the band just for being there and showing up like they are the biggest fans that the artist has ever had.

Work for a Record Company

If you live somewhere in which there are record labels, apply for a job. You can get a job in the mailroom and still get tickets to events as long as you get to know the right people in the building. This is something that might take a bit of time, but eventually it will pay off. The best part of this one is that you will also get the opportunity to work your way up the ranks of these companies. Sometimes the guy in the mailroom ends up working his way through college and taking over the business in the long run. You just never know (but confidence and a belief that you can do it combined with great work ethic and incredible knowledge will help you in the long run).

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