Affordable Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer Heat

If your utility bill is like my utility bill, it goes up significantly during the summer months. The excessive use of the air conditioner adds up each month, and our utility bill almost doubles during summer months (of course, we also live in Florida, so that doesn’t help). This leads many people to question how they can possibly stay cool during the hot summer heat in a way that’s both comfortable and affordable. And we have answers. Start with your AC unit. Have an air conditioning repair technician service your AC unit to ensure it is running at its maximum efficiency and not consuming more energy than usual. Professional ac repair services from a trustworthy technician will help prevent your ac unit from breaking down. You can take a look at this technician that is providing air conditioning services in Salt Lake City, UT. HVAC companies like Tailored Mechnical can take care of your ac repairs in Tucson, Arizona.

Close the Shades

Your air conditioner works overtime during the afternoon when the sun is at its brightest and the heat is at its highest. Do yourself a favor and close your blinds and/or curtains this time of day to keep your house feeling cooler longer. It’ll also prevent your air conditioning from turning on too often.

Stop Using Appliances

It’s time to start grilling out or making fresh foods that don’t rely on the oven or stove. It’s so hot this time of year that it’s not uncommon for the house to become even hotter when you use your appliances. Stop using them and your house will stay cooler on a higher temperature, which also saves on your utilities.

Get Out of the House

It’s inexpensive to stay cool when you’re out of the house if you know where to go. The library is a great place to go. The kids will love story time and playing on the computers as well as browsing the shelves. A matinee is also a good choice, since it’s far less expensive than a primetime movie showing.

Get in the Water

If you don’t have a pool or don’t live near the beach or lake, it’s still possible. All you need is a small pool – or a plastic sandbox – to fill with a few inches of water. You’ll be surprised just how cool you feel when you’re outside enjoying a hot day when your feet are in the cool water. Additionally, you will love the aspect of sipping a cool drink and getting some sun while feeling cool and relaxed.

Keep Frozen Snacks

You don’t have to have popsicles and other unhealthy alternatives in your home. You can freeze your favorite fruits and pop them in your mouth when you’re hungry. You can also place them in your beverages as ice cubes. It’s healthy, delicious and doesn’t water down your drink.

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