5 Ways to Save on Electricity Bills in The Summer


Spring is going to be here (officially) in just over a week, which means it’s already very summer-like here in Florida. And that means people are wondering how they are going to save money on their electricity bill this year. Perhaps in many places summer is the kind of time in which you can open your windows and enjoy the beautiful weather, but here it’s a time in which we use our air frequently and all the time. It gets quite expensive. We hardly used our heat all winter (it is Florida) and we didn’t use the air often, we opened our many windows and doors. But our electric bill was still around $330 a month. So how do you prevent this already unfortunate number from rising significantly all summer when we use the air 24/7? Well, you have to get creative. I’m not sure, I’m learning with you since we’ve never tried. Here are some tips we can all try to save a few dollars here and there on our electricity bill this summer.

Don’t Use the Stove

It’s simple and it’s effective. The stove uses a ton of energy, and your bill will be far less expensive if you choose to do something like make fresh food or microwave your stuff. Or you could head outside and use the grill. It is summer, after all.

Go to the Grocery Store

The more food you have in your fridge, the less energy it wastes. So just keep that thing stocked and as full as possible and you will use the least amount of energy necessary to keep your fridge cool and working well.

Keep a Set Temperature

Sure, it’s hot. But if you turn on the ceiling fans and shut the blinds, you can keep your house a lot cooler in a way that’s much simpler. For example, you can put the air on 78 degrees and still feel cool, even though most of us would rather set the air on 72, bump it up the 75 when we get cool and play the number change game. If your thermostat isn’t working, you may contact an air conditioning services or an electrical services company to take a look at it (for HVAC issues, learn more here). Visit sites like callbigfamily.com/electric-services/electrical-panel/electrical-panel-upgrade-and-installation/ or https://affordableairsolutions.net/ to hire one. You may also look up services who provide electrical wiring Rowlett, TX.

Use the Dishwasher

Most people assume that the dishwasher uses more electricity and water than handwashing your dishes, but it’s just not the truth. You can save a bundle by washing your dishes in the machine instead of by hand. There’s a way to relax a bit.

Use Your Windows

When it’s 60 degrees in the morning, you don’t need your air. Open the windows and invite in the beautiful, fresh, cool morning air to cool off your home and make you feel really good about your life, too.

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