5 Things No One Should Ever Pay Full Price to Purchase

things never to pay full price for

As a lover of shopping, I am often guilty of paying full price for items I love. Some of them, particularly handbags and shoes, never go on sale; so I have to pay full price if I want them. However, I am also guilty of often spending more than I should on things that financial experts frown upon. Apparently, most of the things we purchase on a regular basis do not require that we spend that much money on them, and we should look for a way to pay less than sticker price. Here are a few things to hold off on until you can find them on sale – make it a money saving effort for 2016.

Spa Services

If you are not booking your spa services through Groupon and LivingSocial, you are paying entirely too much. They are available all the time for spas all over the place, and that makes them entirely worth your while when it comes to saving money and feeling relaxed.


If you are a student or you have a student, you should know that you can either rent your books or buy them used each semester to save a bundle. Trust me; as a college graduate, there is nothing worse than paying full price for textbooks.


When it comes to car shopping, it’s a good idea to buy the one you love slightly used. We’re talking model year cars that have a few thousand miles on them so that they have already depreciated and someone else took the financial hit. You’re getting all the warranties and even that new car smell; but you’re not paying full price.


Guilty and guilty; I pay too much for groceries. However, it’s a good idea to get to know your store so that you can predict their sales offerings. Doing this allows you to stock up on what you need during sales to get you through until the next sale. For example, if your favorite Starbucks K-Cups go on sale at Publix ever four weeks from $9.99 per box to $6.99 per box and you go through two boxes per week, spend $55.92 on coffee today for the next four weeks so that you don’t out until it’s on sale again. This will save you a lot. Four weeks worth of coffee at $9.99 per box is $79.92. You’d save $24 per month this way for a total of $288 per year.


You have plenty of options available to you if you just know where to look, especially if you have a car insurance policy and a new car with lot of safety and features. You can call and ask about this, too, and it will make your life that much simpler.


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