5 Fun Ways to Have Fun Free of Charge This Weekend

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It’s weekend and that means it’s time to figure out what to do with ourselves. With four kids and a very busy social life, it’s unheard of that my husband and I have a mostly free weekend. I mean, we have a dinner party to host tonight, our kids are having a friend over to stay the night tomorrow and we have church on Sunday, but otherwise we are free – and that never happens. This means the weekend could become quite expensive. But since we did just celebrate the holidays, my husband had a birthday last week and we had a very expensive trip last weekend without the kids (and another in two weeks), we thought we’d find a few ways to try and keep ourselves entertained without spending a ton of money this weekend.

Surprisingly, it’s not that difficult. I was a little shocked to realize just how easy it is to have fun without spending any money – though I’ll never admit that to my husband in case it gives him some crazy ideas in the future. Here are a few ways you can entertain yourself without spending any money this weekend, too.

Take a Trip to the Library

I love to read, though I do spend most of my time reading on my Kindle. When my kids asked if we could go to the library and get some new books, I was a little surprised. They usually do the same; but they wanted to go, so we planned a trip. It was a lot of fun and our kids spent hours in there while we sat back and read, watched them and had a nice afternoon. It was kind of nice, especially since it was also a rainy day. There is something cozy about a library in the rain.

Movie Night

We have taken to picking either a Friday or Saturday night lately to have movie night with our big girls after the twins go to bed. Since we are tired on Fridays and usually want to stay in, it’s worked. We do popcorn and hot chocolate, a fun movie that the girls get to pick and we sit around doing a lot of nothing but cuddling in our jammies. They love it and we actually do, too.

Game Night

We love games, and we love game night. Once when we had friends over we downloaded an app called “Heads Up,” which is free. I’ve since added some of the purchased versions of it to my phone, but it is seriously the most hilarious game to play whether it’s with adults and the more grown-up versions, or the fun versions with the kids. I promise, you will play for hours.

Do Some Cooking

My husband loves to cook and I am a great baker. We like to spend Sunday nights at home cooking a nice meal together so that we can relax and unwind and prep for the week ahead, and it’s kind of nice. We usually let the girls come into the kitchen and help us with things like mixing and making dessert, and it’s their favorite.

Get Outside

One thing that our kids love to do is go outside. We have taken to putting the twins down for their afternoon nap and then going out with them, taking our baseball gloves and teaching the girls to play our own favorite childhood game. When the babies wake up, we might take them out on the golf cart and see where we can go around our neighborhood we’ve never been before and explore new things. It’s fun, and it’s free.

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