3 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day ideas

It’s an expensive week; Valentine’s Day is this weekend, which means you’re going to spend some serious cash. I’m guilty of it, my husband is guilty of it; we all do it. We don’t have to, though. There is nothing worse than going out on Valentine’s Day for a romantic date with your spouse and realizing that you’re being rushed through dinner that’s a prix fixe menu so that you can get out as quickly as possible to make room for some other romantic date to come in and provide their money to a restaurant. Unless you go free on Valentine’s Day, and we think you can.

Take A Moonlit Beach Stroll

If you don’t have kids or you have a sitter, why not pack a picnic basket with your favorite things, including a bottle of wine, and go take a romantic moonlit or sunset stroll and enjoy? It’s free, it’s fun and it’s a perfect opportunity to bring a little romance to your life.

Make Dinner Together

Why not head to the store, pick up a couple of filet mignons and some lobster, your favorite strawberries (don’t forget to dip them in chocolate) and some wine? Go home, put the kids to bed, light some candles and turn on some romantic music and cook dinner together. It’s far more romantic to dance around the kitchen than it is to sit in a restaurant filled with other couples. We love doing this during the week, so we think you’ll really like it, too.

Get Creative with Gifts

Instead of spending money on gifts that you will love but ultimately don’t need in your life, why not get creative? Why not do something like go shopping together for a gift for your house, or create a spa day at home or do something of that nature? That’s a pretty good concept, and it’s something we think that you will really enjoy if you really get creative. You may also contact a florist to order a creative flower arrangement or bouquet for your partner.

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