Three Work From Home Scams To Watch Out For

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If there is one thing people ask me all the time, it’s how they can work from home like myself. I tell them that there is a lot to consider when working from home and that it’s an idea that should be broached with honesty. Do you want to work from home for a good reason, or do you think that working from home means you can sleep in until 10 am every morning, lounge by the pool and have brunch with friends whenever you want? It’s not like that; you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Do you have the kind of discipline required to work from home? As in, can you ignore the Friends marathon on television so that you can get your work done, and ignore the desire to go shopping instead of actually working?

If you are really committed to working from home, you can do it. However, you do not want to tall for the many scams that are associated with the idea of being a work-from-home parent or person. Because we don’t want you to end up a victim, we thought we might tell you which scams to avoid when it comes to working from home.

Buy this and get rich

Legitimate work from home opportunities do not require you to pay for anything. Sure, you can pay for a kit or a salesperson whatever when you work for one of those ‘pyramid-based’ businesses that require you do home parties and sell jewelry or candles or whatnot. However, those are nationally known businesses and not likely ones that are just looking to get your credit card information.

Promises of getting rich

Working from home is not going to make you a millionaire overnight or guarantee you a six-figure salary this year. If someone tells you that buying their product will get you to this point, don’t believe them. It’s not a legitimate home-based business and it’s not likely a good idea.

Coaching promises

One of the biggest work-from-home business scams right now is the call center scam. You will call about a business and someone will tell you that you can get rich really quickly by taking their coaching class that promises you will make money left and right. You will pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for this and end up with nothing to show.

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