Unusual Ways to Make Money You Definitely Haven’t Tried

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We all know having a yard sale or applying for a cash back rewards card is a great way to earn a little extra cash. We can get a second job, create a hobby and open an Esty store, baby sit or do other things that everyone and their mother are currently doing in hopes of raising a little extra money, but that’s not always feasible or even that simple for everyone. Some people aren’t creative enough to make something and sell it. Some people haven’t things lying around the house they can sell for a profit (I hate ‘stuff’ so we are those people) and some people don’t have the time to take on a second job. So what does that leave for you in terms of making a little extra cash when times are tough? Well, it gives you the option to come up with something exceptionally outside the box; something that you can do to make money you’ve never thought of doing. Lucky for you, we are good at finding things like this, and we are happy to share.

Donate Your Eggs

It’s off-the-wall and it’s not for everyone. In fact, many people are not even eligible to do something like this. However, it’s a nice way to make a little extra cash if you meet the specifications. Depending on the agency with whom you work, you could make thousands of dollars for your eggs with each donation. This is a big decision to make as it means that a woman will have biological children of her own somewhere in the world at some point, and you have to be sure you are okay with this decision long before you make it.

Become a Surrogate Mother

This is another highly unusual way to make money – tens of thousands of dollars. However, it’s a large commitment and it’s not always something that’s easy for women to endure. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to really look into this and consider whether or not it’s right for you – if you even meet the qualifications. Furthermore, carrying a child for nine months, even though it’s not yours, can cause an attachment, and it has to be something you are mentally and emotionally ready to face when the time comes to give up that baby to the people who will become its mother and father.

Sell Designer Items through www.cashinmybag.com

This site is very similar to that of a consignment shop in that you can clean out your closets and sell your clothing, shoes and accessories for profit. Unlike a consignment shop, however, this site pays you right away after evaluating your offers. You send them in for a quote, and take them back if you don’t want to sell for their prices. Otherwise, you accept the offer and their payment within 24 hours.

Rent your Driveway or Garage

This is an amazing way to make some serious cash, but it usually only works if you live in a bigger city. You can rent your driveway or garage to someone who is in need of one and make hundreds of dollars a month. People in many places are exceptionally excited about  paying for a great parking spot, even if it’s in your driveway. Convenience is priceless to many.

Buy a Rental

Did you know that many people use sites such as Airbnb.com to rent their homes or apartments as vacation rentals? Why not use your home as a rental or buy a smaller home you can use as a rental and make a killing? It’s a great way to make some serious cash.

Sell Your Old Electronics

There are locations all over the country in which you can go to sell your old electronics. The price you’ll get for them is highly dependent on the condition in which they are found, but it could vary greatly. The names of these companies vary all over the country, but they’re there if you look for them. ReTech is one of them that I’m aware of to use as an example.

Rent a Room

Do you have an additional room in your home you could rent out? It’s a simple way to make some extra cash without actually spending any money or putting forth much effort. This is going to be an especially profitable way to live if you are in a college town.

Sign up for Medical Research Gigs

Many universities and research hospitals pay people to come in and allow them to run research tests and programs on them. These payments could be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the length, the type and the invasiveness of the procedures. If you’re willing to use your body for medical research, however, it could be a nice way to earn some money and not have to spend much time doing it.

Sell Your Plasma

Your plasma is not something you can donate on a daily basis, but it is something you can donate. You can do this by finding a plasma bank and seeing if you qualify. The payout is not big, but it’s enough to pay for your lunches throughout the week at work if you really want to put forth that effort.

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