Trash You Don’t Want to Throw Away Because It’s Actually Money

trash worth money

There is a running joke among the people in my life that if my children or husband cannot find something, it’s because I threw it away. Okay, so I’ll admit that I have an issue with clutter. And yes, I’ve been known to go into a closet or the garage and see an old box that hasn’t been opened in years and years and simply toss it out by the drive so that the trash collectors will take it. My theory is that if the box has not been opened in 10 years, we don’t actually need, care for or even want what’s inside of it. I don’t care much for mess or clutter, so in the trash it goes. My husband once could not find his power drill in the garage and actually asked me if I threw it away (that’s how bad I am about it). I did not; he simply placed it in the wrong cabinet.

However, sometimes the things we throw in the trash are not as worthless as we might imagine. In fact, some of the trash we toss daily is actually pretty important in terms of making money. If you want to make money for what you usually throw away, take some tips from us.


You might not want them anymore, but you can consign them. Of course, it’s far better to donate them, but I get not wanting to donate a $498 Diane Von Furstenberg classic wrap dress. Why not just consign it with a local store and make a little money off of it?

Your kids’ college books

Your kids are in college, and they bring home their old textbooks after every semester. You know they’ll never use them again and you’re tired of seeing them cluttering up the guest room. So you toss them. Um, bad idea! You can resell college textbooks for a decent price at a college bookstore once a semester is over during their buy-back period.

Junk mail

Send it to the SBK Center. They will buy your junk mail from you and pay you in gift cards. Why? We don’t know other than that they have an A+ rating with the BBB and that they allow you to sign up and make money sending them your junk mail.

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