Simple Tips to Help You Save Time and Make More Money

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We all waste so much of our time doing things we don’t even realize we are doing. I know that I waste a good ten minutes of my morning every single morning once I send the kids to the car and then walk around the house picking up everything that’s in the wrong spot, making sure all the counters are clean and making sure all the dishes are clean. I could do this 40 minutes later when I arrive home from taking my two oldest girls to school, but I cannot leave the house in disarray – even a little. Even when we are running late, I will waste even more time going through this process because I might have a touch of OCD about certain things.

I waste time in the morning drinking my coffee checking out social media, reading the weather (is that a waste of time?) and shopping online. I know I waste time. I try to keep it to a minimum so that I can make the most of my day, and others should, too. Really, every second you waste in life is a chance you could have made some money; so how can we stop wasting time and free ourselves up for opportunities to make more?

Stop watching television

If you can stop watching television, you could save as many as five hours per day. Perhaps you can minimize your screen time and free up those other four hours to work on something else that is not mind-numbing and money wasting.

Change your email settings

One of the biggest issues I have with wasted time is my email. Every time I heard it ding on my phone or iPad, I checked it. Now I have it set up so that I can check it when I want to check it manually, or it will ding every hour only. It works so much better this way for me.

Put your phone away

I find that I’m tempted to check every message I get on social media, every text, everything; all the time. So, I put my cell phone on my kitchen counter and leave it there while I work in my home office. It’s a far better decision for me, and it saves me so much time.

Go simple

When you learn to simplify your life, you learn to save time. For me, it means we prep our kids lunches for school on Sundays, we lay out school clothes the night before, and we run a load of laundry every single day. We have a family of six, so that one load keep us from becoming overwhelmed and crazy; and that is a huge help.

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