Simple and Surprising Ways to Earn More Money


After overhearing another couple discuss how they just don’t earn enough money while seated close to them at an event recently, it came to my attention that this is a problem many people face. Not making enough money is a common – and very big – problem. Too many people work jobs they may or may not love for paychecks that may or may not provide enough on which to live. And some of those barely provide enough to live while leaving very little left over for anything extra. It got me thinking; if you’re not earning enough money, how can you change that? Since your life is in your control, what can you do to earn more money and improve your life?

Ask for a Raise

It sounds simple, but most people don’t bother to do this. If you can prove that your work performance is stellar and that you’re worth the extra money, you might just get the raise you want and deserve. Don’t hesitate to ask. Your boss isn’t going to think any less of you for wanting more money. In fact, he or she might find your initiative impressive. The worst they can say is that you cannot have the raise you want. The best case scenario is that you do get the raise you want, or at least a portion of the raise you deserve.

Go Back to School

Many people say that school doesn’t make a difference when it comes to how much money you earn, but it really does. Even if the job you have at the moment doesn’t require a degree, having one might provide you with a bigger income capacity. For example, you might make $50,000 per year at your current job without a Bachelor’s Degree, but with one you might make more like $65,000.

Utilize Your Talents

Do you have a skill or talent that’s in demand? Are you crafty or creative enough to create an online store in which you can sell your adorable artwork or handmade clothing and jewelry? Do you have an insane talent for writing or marketing? If so, you can look for additional work that can supplement your income without ever leaving the house, in the marketing field for example, there is a lot of demand for seo services. Freelancing or creating your own little business online can be quite lucrative – or at least give you a little extra spending money.

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