Parking Apps That Can Help You Make an Extra $250 a Month


Have you ever considered how many ways there are to use your parking spot or your driveway? You can park your car there. You can move the car and let the kids play with their sidewalk chalk on the drive. You can set up a lemonade stand or a table filled with candy to entice trick or treaters on Halloween. You can do anything you want with your parking spot or driveway, because it’s yours. You pay for it. You own it. It’s yours to do whatever you want with. One thing I’m almost certain you did not know you can do with your parking spot, however, is rent it out to others and make a little money on the side. Say $250 per month as an example – a really good example since that’s what you could legitimately rent out your parking space for when you are really looking to make a little extra money.

Of course, the only downfall to something like renting out your parking space is that it won’t work for someone like me. I live in the suburbs of Florida where everyone has at least an acre and at least a three-car garage – many people with separate garages for their boats, RVs and other toys. So for me, there’s no market for a rental parking space. People have their spaces and they are quite happy with them. For someone who lives in the city, however, there is a demand for parking. People want to park close to home or work, and they do not want the inconvenience of driving around looking for a spot only to have to walk what feels like a million miles – especially in inclement weather.

By the way, did I mention there is an app for that? Well, there is. I’m not sure why anyone would be surprised about this given the fact that there is an app for just about everything, but that’s just the way our lives are with the abundances of technology. Now that you know there is an app for parking space rentals and a market for income through the rental of your parking space, are you willing to list yours and make a little extra money every month? Perhaps $250 does not sound like much, but it would certainly pay your cell phone bill or a portion of your utilities.

Location, location, location; that’s what the world is all about. You looked for the right location for your home or townhouse. You looked for the right location as far as schools were concerned. You looked for the right location for your wedding and your honeymoon, even for the right hospital to give birth and the right place for your next family vacation. Location is everything in this country, and that’s why your driveway is no exception. Let us help you earn a lot of money every single month by renting out that driveway of yours. It’s prime real estate, my friend.

Just Park

This is an app that is available to all people in the US and the UK. It charges a 25% fee to those who want to rent a parking space, and the parameters are quite simple. You can rent a spot for an hour, for a half an hour, for a week, a day, two days, a year; whatever you want to rent your space for is what you can rent it for. It’s up to you to price it and find a renter, and it’s up to you to see if the app is going to work well for you.


This is a great app for use in the US, and it works for just about everyone, everywhere. Depending on where your driveway or parking space is located, you can ask just a few dollars a day to rent it out, or you can ask a lot more. Bigger cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston and others in that general area will obviously allow you to make more money – but even then it still depends heavily on where you are located within the city and whether or not your parking space is worth it to people. For example, a parking spot in a garage in the middle of Park Avenue might be a dream come true to someone who works on the street and needs a place to park their car as it’s often so difficult to find a location around there.

Even in a small city, like where I live, a spot in a driveway one street behind the busiest downtown hub would rent for a pretty penny – I’d pay for it during a busy weekend day before Valet opens at the restaurants and you need to do some shopping without walking 10 blocks or driving around for half an hour for a space.

Money Parking

This is a San Francisco-based parking app that allows you to sell your parking spot to others in need of a prime space for their vehicle. When the app was first launched, it did not do well as it was allowing users to sell public parking spots that were not theirs to see. However, the people who created the app have done their homework and fixed their issues, which means now is a great time to reconsider what this app means as far as a new source of income.

These apps are the best in the market as far as being legal and safe. Of course, you will need to understand that there are always risks. If you pay a small fee to park in someone’s driveway, they are not going to be held accountable for things like someone breaking into your car or another driver losing control and running into your car while they are on the road. It’s just like parking anywhere; you leave your car there and you take responsibility to anything that might happen to it. But it’s certainly very convenient to those who need a space this badly.

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