A Few Off the Wall Ideas for Making Money In College

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Let’s be honest here; college is not cheap. It’s been about a decade since I was there, and I remember thinking that it was pretty expensive back then. From what I understand now, though, it’s a lot more expensive. It’s difficult for me to imagine that the cost of tuition and books has gone up so much in just a decade (but it’s also a little difficult for me to realize it’s been that long when it does feel a bit more like yesterday…especially since we still tailgate during college football season like we might still be in college a couple times a year).

College is just more and more expensive every single year, and it’s leaving students with a predicament that is terrifying; it’s too expensive. While many people might suggest that college is becoming irrelevant unless you want to become an attorney or a doctor of some sort, people still want that very expensive piece of paper that they think will make it easier for them to obtain a great career. What’s scary, though, is that so many students are unable to afford college these days unless they take out loans.

What’s even more terrifying is the cost of a student loan. It seems like a great idea right now since it’s free (in your mind) for the next few years. Repayment is not cheap, free or even doable for many, unfortunately. That leaves you wondering what you do to make your ends meet and to pay for classes. There are scholarships, and you should apply. You can work, too, but most college students cannot work enough to make a full-time income with the studying they have to do. That leaves you wondering if your parents will pay. If they will, great! Take them up on that one!

There has to be something you can do to make some money during college that will help you pay your college expenses and to pay your bills, eat and still have a little bit of fun. The problem now is finding time to do something like that. I mean, you do have to go to class, you do have to study and at some point you do need some sleep or you’re going to reach the point of burn out faster than I can count to 10 (in English).

If you are a bit of an entrepreneur, you could start your own business doing something pretty ingenious. Now, don’t quote me since I don’t know what your campus rules and regulations are – so I’d highly recommend you check with someone who knows what they are talking about – but if it is not breaking any rules or regulations, there is no reason you cannot take notes and sell them to friends and classmates when they miss a class.

You could also skip the note selling and create amazing study packets when exams are coming up. This might be an even bigger selling point for many students since they want to pass their exams but they might fear that their own note-taking skills are not good enough to help them out. It’s something to consider and if the price is right, you might be able to make some serious cash on the side doing nothing other than what you were already doing in the first place. Consider it, and see if you can make college even just a little more affordable.

Another great idea is one that I recently considered at the park. Not being an overly-park loving mother, I rarely take my kids to the park. There is no need; they have a swing set, slide, trampoline and all the outdoor toys they could ever use at home, and I don’t have to socialize with strangers. However, when at the park recently with my four kids, a woman asked me how old they are. Feeling obligated, I asked the same question in return. She explained to me her kids’ ages and that they are not actually her kids. She is their aunt and she watches them for her sister in the afternoons so that her sister can take her online courses to finish up her degree. She pays her to babysit for four hours every afternoon.

If you have some free time and you love kids, why not do the same? You can combine babysitting with exercise (trust me, caring for kids is plenty of exercise) and time outdoors in the fresh air. You can ask friends with kids who have to go to class if you can keep their kids for a rate that’s lower than daycare, or even just hang out with the kids when your friend is studying. You might be surprised how many parents are willing to accept help from a trusting friend to do something like this. You get bonus time, too, if you watch the kids during naptime and you can do your own studying during that time frame.

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