Items You Can Resell on Ebay for a Great Return


Those who have an eye for quality items can make a killing buying things at a low price and reselling them on eBay for a big profit. Of course, you cannot do this with just anything, but you can do it with some specific items. If you’re not sure what you can resell on eBay for a big profit, let us help you make some wise decisions so you can start your own little side business and make some extra money in no time at all.


Not just any doll with suffice, but if you find a Barbie or other famous doll for sale still in its original packaging at a thrift store or garage sale, you can sell it for a lot more money on eBay. The key here is to know which dolls are worth more. They’re typically the ones that are special edition or celebrity-inspired.


Most people are happy to sell an old computer or DVD player for a few bucks at a garage sale, but others are exceptionally happy to find that they can make a lot of money selling them online. These electronics often need a little work and cleaning and they can be sold for a lot more on eBay. Just take a few minutes to see what’s selling for higher prices and start your business.

Smart Phones

Most phone companies are not offering phones at the same discount they once offered, so a good phone in good condition will make you a good bit of money on eBay. In demand are always smart phones that have all the features people want in a new phone. iPhones are always profitable sales as long as they are in good condition.


You might be able to walk into a flea market or yard sale and buy a box of baseball cards or something of that nature for a few bucks. That box might be filled with items that aren’t super expensive or valuable, but some might actually be somewhat valuable and can get you a good return on something. For example, a box of baseball cards that cost you $5 might actually net you $100 because certain cards are worth more than the previous owners thought.


Sometimes you can purchase old jewelry at a yard sale, estate sale or thrift store for next to nothing and end up with a nice return on eBay. You’ll have to find out if they’re worth something, but if they are you can make a bit of money reselling them to others. Therefore, when you sell gold, there’s a huge return.

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