How You Can Get Paid Watching Netflix

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Have you heard the term “Netflix and Chill”? I’m here to tell you not only can you literally chill out and watch Netflix and actually get paid for it, but that you should not use this very popular term – because it is not even close to what it means (seriously, I can’t even say it…look it up). Now there are several ways you can learn to Netlfix and get paid – or at least watch television and get paid – and we have a few of them here for you so that the next time you decide you are not leaving the couch for the rest of the weekend, you can at least feel a little bit good about it.

Become a Netflix Tagger

If you love to stay home and do nothing all day long but watch television, Netflix will pay you to watch their shows all day long and categorize them for them. It is a job that requires hours and hours of television watching every day, which means little time for anything else, but it’s a real job if you’re interested and able to land it.

Download Viggle

You get to listen to music you love and watch shows that you enjoy with this app. Basically, you get paid by the way of time you spend listening and watching, which means you earn a lot of potential money with this particular job. It’s not one that is difficult, and you can do it anywhere such as on the way to school or work listening to music, at work listening to music, or even on your commute as you sit down with nothing to do for however long so you can watch shows. It’s pretty interesting, but the exact dollar amount is not actually determined until you do it.

Search the Internet

Believe it or not, you can find a job watching television by simply checking the internet on a regular basis. You can google phrases such as “television watcher,” “Paid to watch tv” and things of that nature and actually find jobs that pay. Some are from private homes of people willing to pay you to watch something for them and others are from major media resources. Did you know that late night talk show hosts will pay television watchers hundreds of dollars per week to watch television and take notes for them?

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