How to Make Money Selling Used Clothes on eBay


Most everyone you know is always looking for a way to earn more money, and who can blame them? Even people who already make plenty of money still want more, and that’s perfectly fine. Money is not the root of all evil, and it’s not the thing that will buy you happiness. However, wine is expensive and so are babysitters – and those are two things that can actually buy that bring you happiness. Therefore, money is actually quite important. So, that makes us wonder if there is any way to actually earn some income from something that might be a bit fun, a bit passive, and a bit of a challenge; selling used clothing and accessories on eBay. Seriously, it cannot be worth it to spend this kind of time on the internet selling used clothes for only pennies on the dollar right? Well, if you do it the right way, it can be worth a lot more than you actually realize.

eBay can be a lucrative way to make money if you do it right; such as taking used thrift store clothing and selling them on the site for bigger bucks than you paid for them. It’s not going to work for everything, of course; you’re not about to sell an Old Navy dress that cost $10 brand new for more than $1, which is less than shipping. However, what happens when you walk into a thrift store and find a pair of $200 Rag & Bone jeans on sale for $3? You can sell them on eBay for a lot more; people want these items but do not want to pay full price.

If you want to make a little passive income doing something like this, go for it. They key is to find high-end used clothing in perfect condition and sell that. People want designer labels, and they don’t want to pay retail. Just remember that you might not always find what you want, but hitting up high-end thrift stores in bigger cities where there are a lot of wealthy people getting rid of their stuff might be the way to go.

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