Dislike Your Employer? Your Story Could Be Worth $200

horrible bosses

You know how companies are always offering prizes and contests for those who write well and have the desire to submit essays? They’re admittedly kind of boring, and the stories are rarely all that interesting (and I say that as a writer). It’s like writing your college admissions essay; no fun and kind of nerve-inducing. So what if we told you that you could write a simple essay and earn up to $200 for writing it, and it’s kind of like a journal entry or a secret diary submission? That’s right; if you hate your boss, you could win some money because of it.

You probably spend very little time venting about work online since you know that anyone might see your posts and show your boss just how little you really think of him, but this is a way for you to win some major money by complaining about the awful people you work for without actually getting into any trouble. So, if your boss has you call the cell phone company on the regular to block his adult son’s ability to send text messages to certain numbers, to block certain email addresses and even to go into this email and change emails that he read back to ‘unread’ status so he doesn’t know daddy dearest is snooping, you could get paid for it (because we know that your boss isn’t paying you for that).

Work Stew wants to hear about your horrible bosses – or your amazing beyond belief kind of boss – for a chance to win a prize of $200. All you have to do is log in and submit your story after you go through the rules and the restrictions, and then wait for your acceptance. It’s a good idea to use faux names and maybe change a few details since the winning submission and a few other great ones will be published on the site; but boy will you feel good about this one.

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